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Workshops with Serengeti
Besides touring the world and performing, Serengeti devote a lot of their time working with projects that involve activating and inspiring youths to work with music. Stina Velocette is a qualified youth advisor who occasionally works as a band coach for youths. Liza “True” Mukasa studied Human Rights Practice, has worked with refugee rights in South Africa and as a human rights informant for Amnesty in swedish high schools. For several years they both worked as projects managers within Popkollo, an organization that works towards gender equality within the swedish music scene. Louise “Lady Louise” Hansson is an internationally known dj, successful club promoter and tour manager with Europe as her workplace.

With over 15 years experience of creating music, performing, touring, managing a music career and business as independent artists, promotion, recording and producing for themselves and other artists and running a record company and studio (plus beeing woman in the music industry) Serengeti have an enormous wealth of knowledge to share.

The workshops that they offer are as follows:

* Songwriting workshop

* Beatmaking/producer workshop

* Dj workshop

* Artist/DIY- Inspiration workshop (how to promote yourself, get gigs and make your way as an artist)

For more info about their workshops – follow the link below or send an email to info (a) if you want to book them for one. 2016 Serengeti will put extra time in their workshops and tour Sweden with their workshop program.

Click here to download our PDF with more info about the workshops (swedish):